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General Issues

Jobs and Economy

I came to America in 1989 in search of the American Dream, and I found it. I started a small business and know what it takes to make payroll, and that has guided my work in Richmond to create even better opportunities for Virginians. I joined several of my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to form the Business Development Caucus, which identified tangible things that we can do to improve the climate for business. Several of these changes, such as streamlining interaction with state agencies to one online portal and passing tort reform measures, have already been implemented.

I am proud that Forbes just ranked Virginia the #1 state in America for business, but we must continue to be vigilant. For instance, I fought efforts to weaken Virginia’s Right to Work laws and opposed a mandatory Project Labor Agreement on the Dulles Rail project.

I also know that high levels of taxation stifle growth, and have worked to hold the line on taxes and keep spending in Richmond in check.


Constantly congested roads are hurting our quality of life, costing us valuable time with our families and making it tougher to do business. Since my election as your Delegate, I have been involved in dozens of projects that will help get us moving again. For instance, I have been working to keep the Route 50 widening project on schedule, secured funding to widen 606, fought to obtain funding for an improvement at the Braddock/Pleasant Valley intersection, and many others projects around the 87th District. I also introduced legislation to give a tax credit to those who telecommute, which takes cars off of roads.

I am a strong supporter of extending Metro to Loudoun County and worked to help make it more affordable for Virginians. I continue to fight for Northern Virginia’s share of our tax dollars. Tax increases to pay for transportation wouldn’t be needed if funds were distributed fairly.

Lower Tolls on the Dulles Greenway

I have taken on the foreign owners of the Dulles Greenway to try to bring relief for residents who are being held hostage by a monopoly. After trying to control tolls through legislative means, which proved almost impossible, I found provisions in the State Corporation Commission’s (SCC) rules which would allow the SCC to lower tolls if it is proven that residents avoid the Greenway due to high tolls. I have filed a formal complaint with the SCC and have been engaged in a legal proceeding to hold the Greenway accountable. I assembled a pro-bono team of experts to assist my case and now have the formal support of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, which joined my case as an intervener.
For more information please visit www.LowerGreenwayTolls.com.


I am a strong supporter of public education and understand how crucial it is to give our children the type of education they need to compete in a global economy. In the General Assembly, I fought successfully against cuts to public school funding in Northern Virginia, and supported the right of local schools to determine their own schedules. I also support full day kindergarten for every student.

As a member of the Board of Visitors of George Mason University from 2010-2012 and as a professor at Mason myself, I also know that we need strong public universities to drive our economy and create opportunities.

Family Values

I know that family values start in our own homes, which is why I’m working so hard to create jobs closer to home and improve transportation. Our area is blessed with numerous faith communities that contribute through volunteerism and building character, and their efforts should be supported.

While I respect all opinions and urge respectful dialogue, I believe that marriage should continue to be between a man and a woman; and children should be welcomed into life and protected by law. I support maintaining access to contraceptives and have joined a coalition to propose that the FDA consider making certain types of birth control an over the counter medication.

Property Rights, 10th and 2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of property rights and believe we must be wary of continued infringements from the federal government. As an avid sportsman, I support the 2nd Amendment and oppose efforts to restrict gun ownership for law-abiding citizens. I do support common sense measures like background checks to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from access to guns.