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Letter to the Editor: Ramadan: Has Bennett lived in the 10th District? | LoudounTimes.com

posted August 24th, 2016

Thursday, Aug. 18

Luann Bennett, the Democrat candidate for Congress in the 10th district, has claimed that she has lived in the 10th district for 32 of the past 35 years. But public statements she herself made, as well as public records, indicate otherwise.

Ms. Bennett purchased a home in Arlington County that she and her then husband, former 8th District Rep. Jim Moran, said was their residence around 2004 when they married. In a 2010 Northern Virginia Magazine interview with her then husband, Jim Moran, the author wrote: “At the Arlington County home that Moran shares with LuAnn Bennett, president and owner of Bennett Group real estate company and his wife of six years, the setting seems suitable enough for a legislator whose biggest fans include conservation groups and the U.S. Humane Society.”

In a 2008 interview, she also claimed to live in that same Arlington home: “Waking up in the master bedroom of U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) and wife LuAnn Bennett’s home can feel a bit like waking up outdoors. When Bennett opens her eyes, all she can see is trees through the large glass windows. ‘You feel like you are in a tree house. … It does bring the outdoors in,’ said Bennett of her contemporary home overlooking the Potomac River ….”

While Bennett divorced Moran sometime in 2011, she did not sell this Arlington County home until September 2012. Therefore, for over eight years from 2004-2012 the facts indicate that she lived in Arlington County which is in the 8th district of Virginia.

Then, on April 1, 2014, Bennett posted on her own personal Facebook page, “moved to Washington, District of Columbia” – in other words, she personally and publicly stated that she moved to Washington, D.C.

The home in which she lived was a Ritz Carlton condo in Washington, D.C. purchased in January 2014. She left that statement on her Facebook page until about the time in late 2015 when she decided to run in the 10th district for Congress.

While it is true that several months ago Bennett rented a townhouse in McLean, she has not been living in the 10th district for most of the past 10-12 years. Why is Bennett misrepresenting where she has lived for the past decade or so?

David Ramadan


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